ID My Team is a system to implement custom events based on team members appearing in front of a camera.
ID My Team is a completely new way to interact with your team. Whether it's for security, efficiency or just for entertainment, ID My Team sits nicely by your entrance.
ID My Team is completely open source. You can find the code for the server and the client.
We use machine learning to implement off-site detection and classification of team members. This means that the system is constantly learning to produce unbeatable accuracy - a member comes in with a new pink mohawk? The system will adapt - even if you don't.
The system includes a web panel for your team to manage and classify your team members as well as a load more features.


Images are never stored on our server for more than a few milliseconds (unless your team would like to help our recognition models improve).
Once an image has been uploaded, be it for training or recognition, the system converts it to 128 numbers used to identify the individual and the image is then deleted (unless you have opted to help out). These 128 numbers work solely with your teams personal and private models on our server, and are completely arbitrary otherwise.
Images are never stored with any identifiable information alongside them. A unique identifier is generated that only the local system ran by your team can correlate to a team member.
And like we said before, it is completely open source so you don't take our word for it (server & client).


Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY