Amazon Text To Speach

It is very important that the camera extracts movement properly by using the background extractor. It is what tells the system to upload an image to be recognised. In this tutorial we will be going through a method to make sure the background extractor is working to its full potential.

First thing to do is to turn on the Mask in your web panel settings (photo_camera), so that the live stream shows you extracted movement:
There are two edge cases you need to check when analysing the live stream. The first is when no one is in front of the camera the live stream page on your web panel only shows the background in full colour with no noise (as indicated by the number value at the top left being 0).
The second is that when a member walks in front of the camera there is a white area that masks the area of movement and there is little noise surrounding them and that a white border encompasses the movement.
What you do not want is a noisy image like this when the background is not populated:
To reduce the noise increase the Mask Threshold in increments until there is no noise and you see your background in full colour when no one is in front - although you do not want to increase this too much otherwise the camera won't extract the entire area of interest.
Now check the two edge cases aforementioned to check your threshold is working properly.
Another thing to note is that the system will retrain the background if there is movement for too long a period as this might be caused by a light being switched on or a box being put by your door and the background should be retrained to account for this.